Gather ’round, pumpkins. It’s announcement time.

7.12.2010 @ 7:15 pm UTC by lilah wild

The Chateau was born in 1999, scrawled on a paper napkin in the back of a little Philly cafe called the Crimson Moon. It grew after a long walk through the city, trying to name all the possible ways one could take the gothic aesthetic – and push it into more creative realms instead of following the black velvet template. A year and half later, after making sure all these categories were well-stocked with content, we opened its doors in the summer of 2001. Originally conceived as a way to practice HTML skills while recording favorite dark shopping sites, it was our little way of supporting small businesses – trying to present unusual and imaginative catalogs as a true independent alternative to corporate mallpunk fashion, and give a boost to these designers so they’d have the attention and traction to keep creating new goodies for years to come.

Nine years and 3000+ reviews later, it’s time to bring down the curtain.

Simply put: there are only so many hours in the day, and I need to spend them on other projects.

Even though the daily postings here can be sped through in a matter of seconds, there is a LOT of work that goes on behind the scenes. Scheduling reviews so there isn’t too much of one thing on the front page, answering inquiries from shop owners and contributors and sponsors, scouring merchants’ Links pages to scoop up their friends running shops as well for more reviewing grist, running through the gauntlet of Google AdManager, hunting up new affiliate programs, making graphics for those affiliate programs (most of those banners in the sidebar? behold my Photoshop skills), clicking through all the links every year to clean out the rot, keeping up on all the legalities, and all the other learning curves and miscellaneous timesucks that come with running a half-decent blog.

While our doors have always been open to all the various flavors of subcultural expression, my favorite stuff to post has always been the dark and the weird. Throwing dead bodies into posts about latex, posting the occasional disturbing catalog photo to break up all the pretty, I’ve quite enjoyed giving coverage to those who don’t have a hope in hell of landing a mention in a mainstream fashion magazine. It would be a lot of fun to continue writing about Indie Evil, but as part of a team, or contributing to other people’s blogs. Situations where there’s a bunch of people dividing up the work.

I’m also considering starting a Fashion Advice for the Damned series over on Leopard Moon, because you don’t run a style directory for nearly a decade without picking up a few useful things about how to put yourself together.

Anyway. This week will be the Chateau’s last, and updates will cease after this Friday.
So, last call, readers. Time for one last drink, one last dance. The night’s almost over, but not quite yet.

  1. Your site has been an one of the best, I check daily to see all those excellent shops that are tricky to come across, the time an effort you have put in as helped me (and definately many others) find those shops for all our dirty little desires and some shops we didn’t even know we had a desire for.

    I hope life outside the Chateau treats you well.

    Kind Regards,


    Robert Seale @
  2. :’(
    Though I understand the need to move on, know that the Chateau will be *seriously* missed.

    You’ve been a weekly companion for 10+ years and life just won’t be the same. Then again, it’s not the same intarnets it was back then either. I still remember the days you introduced me to Jeannie Nitro, and Refuse to be Usual and Steampunk!

    Best of luck for whatever it is you do in the future (please post an update here if you can) and than you SO MUCH for everything you have contributed and done for the dark at heart. I brush the cobwebs and kick the smurfs in your honour :)


  3. I’ve been checking this site daily ever since I was a wee gothling. Submeria is right, you will be dearly missed.

  4. I discovered this site six years ago, and seeing it go kills me. I hope everyone behind the Chateau’s curtain enjoys life outside the dark corners of the interwebs.

  5. I will miss you guys so much. Including teh kittehs.

  6. Holy bats…is there any way of talking you out of taking the site down permanently…at least for a short while? You’re breaking my heart here, Lilah….but I do understand, and wish you well. Peace….Gina

    Tenacious G (Gina) @
  7. You’ll be missed, not only in the States, but here in The Netherlands too.

    Wishing you all the best, and a very big thank you.

    Be well

  8. Woe! I; too, have loved the chateau since its inception. I’ll be quite sad to see it go. Kiss the kitties for us and best of luck in the future!

  9. I’m with Blissy, I’ve been checking the site daily for a long time too. I can’t remember when I first found it!

    I’ll miss the updates and the cats!

    Thank you for making it so much easier for this little darkling to dress herself :P

    Best of luck! x

  10. The most comprehensive blog on alternative fashion will be sorely missed. I don’t know what I’ll use to fill the void in my RSS feed! :(

  11. Are you at least leaving the site up? It’s a treasure trove of linky goodness. Whenever I looking for something non-mainstream, whether it be fairy wings, voodoo cufflinks, or a new corset, I always search here first. I understand your need to move on and wish you the best of luck, but please leave the blog up to fade gracefully away.

  12. :’( Awww this makes me so sad. I’ve been following this site religiously for years and like Danielle I always look here first when i’m in need to buy something. I’ll miss you, Bella and Polly. Wish you the best of luck with your new projects *^_^* xxx Bye Bye

  13. This makes me so sad! I also understand the decision. I check the chateau almost daily, and have ever since I found it. Its the only blog-type thing I check on a regular basis. I’ve found so many resources for everything I am interested in, and its really a tragedy for this to go. :( I’ll miss the chateau very very much.

  14. I’ll miss my weekly review of your posts: Etsy Highlights and everything else. I’ve been following Le Chateau for years. Thanks for all the links, and the cat pics.

  15. Oh my I have been reading this site since 1999, I am surely going to miss it. Thanks for having a wonderful site while it was around. (T_T)

  16. Thank you for putting out this blog, it is awesome! I backed up my faveorite links!

  17. This site has followed me through 4 computers – it was always something I added as a favourite right away and check up on often. A tiny oasis in the sea of dross we call the internet.
    So sad to see you go.

    Love and kisses from London.

  18. I only found this site about two years ago but it’s been one of my most visited sites! Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into it. I’ll definately miss you and hearing about your gorgeous kitties!!

  19. Noooooooo! I just checked in and found the goodbye post! You will be dearly missed. Thank you for the years of dedication you have given the community. I wish there was another dedicated soul who could pick up the reins for you on the Chateau.

  20. Thank you for providing us with so many amazing sites that we may have normally never have found! I know I have found some real treasures through some of them! I will miss your posts, wit & banter, uplifting entries, kitty photos, hilarious videos & general awesomeness! Will follow you over to LeopardMoon! Be well, Lilah, Bella and Pollywog! May the Stars forever shine upon your faces….


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