September 19, 2017 Sharon

A Softy, Velvety Dwelling

  1. A Softy, Velvety Dwelling

A home sweet home is made sweeter and cute with all its beautiful furnishings and fittings. All these will have to be pleasant to the eyes at the same time give a comfortable living too. And this is very much possible when you go for soft furnishings for the home like cushiony pillows with pillow covers, fluffy carpets, silky blinds, furry sofas and chairs, and anything and everything in the house which is made of soft materials. Another advantage of using such special and unique things is that they enhance the beauty of the house too and at the same time the person would be at freedom to select the color of his choice for his carpets and sofa covers since it is possible to have all the different colors on softer things like these.


This part is the most difficult part of using soft furnishings at home. There are all possibilities for them to become dull and gloomy very soon because fur and silk threads are susceptible to dust and dirt and hence they lose their shine very soon. But again it is in the maintenance and cleaning that is done by the owner. Generally, such accessories and paraphernalia cannot be machine washed and they need special care. Generally, they come with a manual giving special tips for their special washing and following them meticulously would help them stay bright and tight for long. Again it is important to dust them regularly for they easily attract dirt on them and this might also lead to breathing allergies and infections for the inmates of the house. So cleaning and maintaining them regularly is very important. For them to give always that fresh and smooth look to our house, it is important and essential from our side to help them do their part by doing our part correctly on time.