April 7, 2017 Sharon

All You Need To Know About Canine Nutrition

When you add a four legged member to your family, you practically bring home a child. Obviously, you would want to give them only the best. However, dogs do not always thrive on big brands, expensive products etc. To keep your pet healthy and happy, sometimes even the simplest gestures suffice.

One of the crucial factors in raising your dog is to look for healthy dog food, that suits your dog. The food needs to meet certain basic requirements:

  • Healthy dog food must be simple and easy to digest
  • It must be packed with all the essential nutrients a dog needs to stay healthy and fit
  • It must be devoid of any allergy causing ingredients
  • The taste of the dog food must be palatable to the dog
  • It must not be contain fillers or empty calories but must be dense in nutrition

What are the various healthy dog food options?

Maintaining good health in dogs is essential for their general well-being. Healthy dog food could range from anything right from readily available dog food brands or you can also cook your pet some healthy homemade dog food.

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Healthy dog food, need not always be the best or the most expensive brands in a store. It simply has to be a nutritious meal that suits the requirements of your pet. If your dog is a fussy eater or has any known allergies, care must be taken to select an appropriate brand that suits him/her.

How much food to give the dogs?

This completely depends upon factors like:

  • Age
  • Size
  • Level of activity
  • How calories dense is the meal you plan to serve

The nutritional needs of an aged Shih Tzu who mostly stays at home will not be the same as a young German Shepherd who runs around the lawn.

The meals options can vary, as long as your dog maintains a healthy weight is active and eats their food well.