March 14, 2017 Sharon

Brilliant way for a juicy Steak-Use Sous Vide Machine

Who doesn’t love perfectly cooked, juicy tender meat or steak in their platter? All of us do! But, have we ever thought about the process that is involved? The process many restaurateurs use, to get a perfect steak that everyone craves or dies for!

Sous vide cooking is the method followed by many restauranteurs these days. Sous vide means cooking using water baths. The food to be cooked is immersed in the water bath, and set at a desired temperature. No hassle and working time. Just set and go, come back, your food will be ready.

How do these sous vide cooking happen?

Sous vide machine is the answer. These machines help you incorporate the method and get the desired food with less effort.

There are 2 types of machines available.

* Immersion Circulator and

* Water Bath oven.

Immersion circulator is a handy device, mostly suitable for home cooking. They look a little fatter than the hand blenders, but are very effective and useful. This device comes with a heating element, to bring the water to the desired temperature. A circulator pump is present which rotates the fluid inside and ensures even heating and cooking.

The pros:

* It’s very handy to store and carry.

* Its comparatively less expensive.

* Water heating time is fastest.

* Can be attached to pots of different sizes with least effort.


* Poor design devices calls for more cleaning time.

* This device is seen to make a little noise (minimal, but still heard)

* Water evaporates from the pots. It must be covered using foils or anything else.

Water Bath oven

This device looks like a microwave almost. It’s that huge in size and most of the times suitable for restaurants or mini start-up food joints. The difference is that it comes completely covered and insulated, like a box.


* Easy to clean and maintain.

* It never makes any noise

* There is no evaporation seen.


* It’s expensive

* Very large in size, for home use

* Water heating time is the slowest

For home purposes, it definitely is the Immersion circulator which makes entry. Be it any of them, but the outcome is a perfect juicy meat.