November 21, 2017 Sharon

Cargo Carrier Lock Types

Are you planning for a family trip? Do you want to travel in your own car? Are you wondering about how are you going to adjust your family members and the luggage with ease so that your trip is hassle free? Well, you simply need to buy a cargo carrier which you can mount on the rooftop of your car and place all your luggage on it. This way you will be able to make space for all the people travelling with you.

Look for cargo carriers that will fit on any car after all tomorrow if you change your vehicle, at least you will not require buying a cargo carrier again. Along with a carrier, you also need to buy a lock system so that your belongings are kept safe.

  • Now if you have an open cargo carrier then it cannot be completely theft proof, but at least you can definitely make it way tougher for thieves to steal. You can even use locking straps such as RRRTD35L which are 11 and half ft. long and 1 inch wide. These have keys and locks for securing cargo. You can even get the cargo wrapped around by these straps.
  • You can go for the right line gear car top carrier cable lock that ensures your cargo’s safety till the time you unload it. It has a retractable steel cable which can be easily threaded through luggage rack for locking down everything. It is a re-settable combination lock which needs 3 digits to unlock it. So, you can set the combination of digits yourself. This combination lock has a lightweight plastic housing which makes sure that your vehicle’s paint job does not get damaged. So, with this cable combination lock you can travel peacefully carrying your cargos on the rooftop of your car.