Birch Place Shop

6.14.2010 @ 2:50 pm UTC by lilah wild

Birch Place Shop lolita outfitFantasy costumes that push way past Halloween-in-a-bag getups into the realms of maximum frill. Trans and plus-size friendly, the designs are an explosion of lolita/french maid/cosplay ruffles – this is a great place for packing on some serious petticoat volume – with some more grownup occupational attire in PVC flight attendant dresses, boss-lady puff-sleeve blouses, military caps, and satin nurse masks. The lingerie is just as frothy, and accessories include tulle hair flowers, heels, wigs, and little lacy bags to match the outfits.

Voodoo Dolly

5.3.2010 @ 3:27 pm UTC by lilah wild

Voodoo Dolly Lip Service steampunk cincherA large catalog of alt brands, the usual suspects of Lip Service, Shrine and Stop Staring are here with Baby Tears, Evil Kitty, Honeydew Intimates and Limb. The styles are all over the map, swooping through goth, fetish, retro, and steampunk, with shoes and accessories to match.

John Flemming

4.15.2010 @ 5:42 pm UTC by lilah wild

John Flemming leather maskLeather masks dyed and sculpted to give the wearer the featherlike face of a fantasy novel cover. Sold in open editions, or highly ornate limited editions of ten, the masks burst with color and movement, rising up to cover the head in riotous spikes, or dropping down to frame the mouth with a double row of tentacles. They’re made to be mounted on a wall or shelf display, so it’s probably best to let the artist know if you intend to make them part of your wardrobe. Custom welcome.

Eeldrytch Armouree

3.10.2010 @ 5:21 pm UTC by lilah wild

Eeldrytch Armouree renaissance cincherLeather fashion from the Renaissance era, sculpted and scaled and dotted with bits of fancy metal. Reptilian armor, fierce bracers, studded jerkins, pentacle-emblazoned cinchers, druidy cowls, coin-studded mantles, engraved headbands and stick barrettes, gothy little pouches, baldrics and all the various hanging bits to keep one’s personal items about one’s belt. Custom is extremely welcome, to the point of the shop owners never getting around to installing a shopping cart – so contact for more info.

Antiseptic Fashion

1.15.2010 @ 2:08 pm UTC by lilah wild

Antiseptic Fashion leather fetish posture maskA small catalog of leatherworks with a touch of Mad Max. The corsets feature overlapping panels riveted together for a layered, asymmetrical look, wrapped with buckles in a couple of designs, and lacing is not confined to the back – it’s used in one piece for securing a high-necked top to a cincher while revealing maximum cleavage. The posture collars creep up over the chin and up the nose to mask the lower half of the face. Good unusual stuff for the more rugged terrains of fetishwear. Thanks Sara!

Lusty Leather

12.15.2009 @ 11:40 pm UTC by lilah wild

Lusty Leather medieval warrior bodiceMedieval dressup grounded in solid ren-faire getups, and perfectly happy to buckle things up for fetish nights, too. Cinchers where unicorns dance along the front lacing, bodices for wenches and warriors and those who appreciate a fine bit of tooling, dagger bracers, belts and all the various attachments to clip on gear for drinking and fighting (and making phone calls), and the Dungeon takes things a bit darker with collars, cuffs, floggers, and sprinklings of O-rings. Custom welcome.

Glamour World

12.9.2009 @ 4:36 pm UTC by lilah wild

Glamour World leopard catsuitThis Australian shop has specialized in plus-sized lingerie for over 30 years, and it is bustier heaven. Tons of styles from busked longline sweethearts boned for tightlacing to satin’n'lace gloriously tawdry 80’s bedroom confections, generally running from size 8 up through 26. Catsuits, shelf bras, tight little minidresses, thongs and french knickers, thigh-high stockings, a page of PVC, lots of sexy little things and they’re also crossdresser/trans friendly.