Three Rexes Jewelry

7.1.2010 @ 6:55 pm UTC by lilah wild

Three Rexes medieval gothic wedding ringMedieval-inspired baubles modernized into chic bits of gemstoned silver. Twisted Celtic drops like tiny daggers, intricate nouveau-style arrowheads, sparkling crosses, studded hearts, rugged little delicacies that can be customized somewhat with the stone of your choice. Of special note are the engagement and wedding rings, where Moorish bands and amethyst diamonds offer goth-industrial glamour to dark brides and grooms making the most of a small budget.

Elvy Ess

6.24.2010 @ 4:43 pm UTC by lilah wild

Elvy Ess punk patchwork jacketAn intriguing smash of rockabilly against playa, embracing both the clean lines of workshirts and the tatters of patchwork, sprinkled liberally with insects. Buttondowns are made for men and women and sport anarchic splats of fabric on the back, while the skirts flaunted winged creatures on peekaboo pleats or swoop into fae asymmetricality. Bugged-out bibs and bags and brooches, ragged cuffs and headbands and ties, and double-pronged keys provide plenty of unusual accessorization. Thanks, Sara!

Pure TNT

6.23.2010 @ 4:25 pm UTC by lilah wild

Pure TNT fangs charmFetish jewelry, and lots of it. From unabashed declarations of MISTRESS and SLAVE to subtler hints of one’s pleasures, the statements take on a wide range of forms: buckled rings, flogger earrings, handcuff bracelets, belled collars, tons of charms that get right to the point. Good for themed padlocks and sterling silver fingertips for abrasion play.

Pro Pierce

6.21.2010 @ 3:03 pm UTC by lilah wild

ProPierce Blackline navel tombstoneBody jewelry from Australia, which offers the standards in a wide range of elements: glitter plugs, nip shields, titanium flesh tunnels, a Trojan line which weaves eyeballs through your skin, Blackline navel tombstones, UV everything, all the basics rendered in surgical stainless steel, molten glass, silver-inlaid buffalo horn, polyester lucite, and other materials. The Voodoo Rising page is not to be missed if you’re into mean, nasty biker rings.

Vintage Halloween

6.2.2010 @ 5:25 pm UTC by lilah wild

Vintage Halloween glass pendantDark decor and other Octoberesque delights that draw upon the gently eerie imagery of the 20’s and 30’s. It’s mostly party goods, but oh, what party goods: black cat garlands, dancing witch lanterns, fortunetelling cards drawn with a touch of art nouveau, glittery skull buckets, mini tote bags for the retro-stylish hauling of sugary loot. And what to wear to these parties? Their glass-framed art pendants, batty charm bracelets, and spider cocktail rings, of course.

Berserk Clothing

5.6.2010 @ 2:58 pm UTC by lilah wild

Berserk Clothing rollerderby skull skirtFashion to fight in! A catalog of darkwear that turns out cute’n'evil cotton suitable for rollerderby and other lively pursuits that might involve a bloody nose. The dresses take their shapes from cheerleader and army uniforms, the skirts are emblazoned with polarized skulls, and if you’ve ever felt the burning need to sport handguns across the ‘tocks, this is your store. Knuckle rings, lightning bolts, and medical crosses make up the jewelry section, the armwarmers smother everything from elbow to wrist in brass knuckles, and they stock the footwear trifecta of Demonia, Pleaser, and Bordello.

The Black Broom

4.12.2010 @ 5:20 pm UTC by lilah wild

The Black Broom Spirit Keys bar setOriginal jewelry, accessories, and decor items drawn from dark antiquity – glowering, grimacing faces cast in pewter abound through Cthulhu belt buckles, deal-with-the-devil gambling trays, and bracelets linked with Frankenstein heads. Evil-inclined DIYers will find buttons bearing the visages of Countess Bathory and Marie Laveau, and this is also a good place to find statuary of the left-hand path. And the barware includes one hell of a corkscrew.