Glow Authority

8.6.2009 @ 10:36 pm UTC by lilah wild

Glow Authority cyber braceletsDancefloor playthings to whirl through the dark, and lots of them: among the paints and wires and bike-brightening accessories, there are flashing evening bags and sunglasses, neon bracelets, blacklight bubbles, color-changing candles and LED roses, liquid-activated shotglasses, and glowsticks galore.

Body Jewellery Shop

3.12.2009 @ 4:17 am UTC by lilah wild

Body Jewellery Shop spiked steel collarEverything you need to flaunt UV-plugged ears, spiked nips, and make a sex toy out of your tongue. A good selection of basics plus fakes for those who’d rather stay intact, and regular old jewelry in fimo, steel, glass, silver, and rubber. But that’s not all – dread kits, Stargazer cosmetics, Terroreyes contact lenses, temp tats, rockabilly patches, and Vince Ray duds.


12.22.2008 @ 4:53 am UTC by lilah wild

GlowShop UV makeup and hairEverything UV. Blacklights, paints, tubing, stick-on wall decor, and drinkware, to set the atmosphere. And for the body: makeup, hair gel, temporary tattoos, glitter, jewelry, beads, all the supplies needed for DIY projects, and “rave gloves.”


12.12.2008 @ 7:03 pm UTC by lilah wild

Bizzare Lip Service gothic lace bustierClubwear in all its dark flavors for men and women, offering shiny bustled ballgowns, goth lace corsets, cyber tops printed with electric-green circuitry, a bit of tartan, hoodies and cargo pants, something for everyone. Lots of Lip Service and Demonia mixed up with a bunch of European brands, with cold-weather accessories, bondage jewelry and studded belts, ties both safetypinned and ruffled, neon wigs, all kinds of bags and gloves, cyborg gauntlets and spacey UV collars, stiletto boots, goggles, fishnets and striped hosiery, Directions hair dye, some extremely fetishy gas masks, and wow, New Rock’s doing motorcycle helmets now. Thanks, Sara!


11.27.2008 @ 6:22 pm UTC by lilah wild

Blacklight.Com glowing unicorn posterEarly 80’s glowing fantasy-art decor. Psychedelic posters, fluorescent paint for the DIYers, barware, beaded curtains, furniture, trippy lockboxes, all kinds of lighting with bubbles, fog, and mirrorball kits to further enhance the mood. The fashionables include band patches, cosmetics, and UV and body jewelry, and there are loads of silly toys to goof around with in the dark, including chess sets for those who desire to be a bit more highbrow within all of this.

Extreme Largeness

11.14.2008 @ 2:53 pm UTC by lilah wild

Extreme Largeness flaming skull necklaceAn accessories shop reminiscent of 80’s cheap-sunglasses mall boutiques, with all the metalhead silver cobra rings and electro neon shoelaces mixing it up this time with tattoo-flash handbags and cyber UV bracelets. Body jewelry, gothic claws, obnoxious patches, hair stuff, bandannas, gloves, safety-pin dangle brooches, a little makeup, and poi, too.

Extreme Halloween

10.24.2008 @ 4:25 am UTC by lilah wild

Extreme Halloween Bettie Page costumeA gigantic catalog of Halloween costumes for adults, kids, babies, plus size, maternity, couples, and animals. Ragdolls and rockstars, Cleopatras and Batmen, World of Warcraft masks, outfits based on Bettie Page’s photoshoots, bridal trains to throw on a schnauzer. Also available: props that double as purses, shoes and hats, spider and UV and rhinestone jewelry, wings and horns, and “insta-dungeon” Halloween party decor.