High Clothing

5.29.2009 @ 9:14 pm UTC by lilah wild

High Clothing elven pocket beltPsywear for men and women, grabbing the practicality of festival duds and running off into cyber. Lots of colorblocking, often enticingly squiggly: pixie-jagged tops, druid hoods, self-buckling skirts, pants slapped with cargo pockets and traced with neon, singlets and sweaters. And some spacey-bright pocket belts made to coordinate.


4.1.2009 @ 5:05 am UTC by lilah wild

Cypherlox cyber dreadfallsA team of Ohio extensionists who have taken their creations online and offer braid-your-own dreadfalls in double-ended and single-looped options. The hairpieces are full of rexlace, crin, foam, and tubing, or silky curls for boingey ringlets, and materials are offered separately for DIY projects. They also carry cyber goggles, headbands, clip-in streaks and fringes, and Special Effects dye.

Mental Peace

3.18.2009 @ 6:26 pm UTC by lilah wild

Mental Peace Celtic tribal t-shirtA blacklight hybrid of 70’s mushroomy bongshop psychedelia and modern tribal knotworked mandalas, the kind of labyrinthine designs made for losing your eyes in. Deep space, the elements, emotions rendered abstract and bursting with color, available on tees, hoodies, tanks, and dresses, with some of them featuring the neato effect of emerging only in abnormal light.

Odium Clothing

3.9.2009 @ 6:25 am UTC by lilah wild

Odium Clothing gothic corsetGoth in all its various manifestations: the black widow ballgown. The retro mermaid silhouette. The punky workshirt/waitress number. The witchy tattered dress. The lolita mini. The tight strapless hug of PVC. The hallmarks of bondage straps and cyber neon and corset lacing and polka dots and Victorian poofery all come into play, but the look is always dark. There’s a decent amount of stuff for the guys, and other sections include cyber stuff, fake hair, footwear, cosmetics, miscellaneous accessories, and promwear for creatures of the night.

Fetish Falls

3.4.2009 @ 3:36 am UTC by lilah wild

Fetish Falls cyberloxBesides readymade and custom cyberlox – and all lengths of wigs – this site is stocked with all kinds of clubby little accessories. Corsets and some gothic lolita dresses, Demonia bags, spiked collars, goggles and shades, body jewelry, gloves and stockings, gas masks and eyepatches, steampunk costume hats, glittery masks, pointy little horns, and Bloody Mary cosmetics, which include zombie makeup kits.

Saturn Return

3.1.2009 @ 4:54 pm UTC by lilah wild

Saturn Return Gado Gado psy hoodieA gathering of futuristic brands, mostly cyber with some psy and just a touch of bondage: Catch 23, Space Tribe, Battery Organic, Gado Gado, Hikari, Hexagon, Nubia/Vodabox, Queen of Darkness, and a few other miscellaneous people. Accessories include Mea Culpa hairfalls, Pamela Mann hosiery, Stargazer cosmetics and dye, Wildcat contact lenses, and apparently Cyberdog’s started doing microchip boxers.

Space Tribe

2.16.2009 @ 5:21 pm UTC by lilah wild

SpaceTribe UV neon cyber artCyber/psy fashion that features an amazing pants section: cargo, bondage-strapped, flared, bum-flapped, spiked, zipped, they’ve got it. The catalog goes for both psychedelia and UV trim in pixie hoodies, longsleevers with heavily decorated arms, tank dresses, wrap skirts that could step in for pocket belt duties, and the pocket belts themselves. The fun continues with trippy stuffed animals, spiked helmets, and eyepopping neon art.