5.20.2010 @ 7:53 pm UTC by lilah wild

Tutu-Topia bustle tutu skirtA very, very thorough catalog that makes sure to offer every possible permutation of tutu in existence, and then some. Rainbow spectrums, hologram and metallic glitter fabrics, striped panels, and further customizable with more layers, gathering or pleating, color contrast, hidden pockets, sequins, and pixie points. The bustled styles make for some flashy burlesque stage tails, mini-tutu wrist cuffs can be made to match, and the “fairy eco” page upcycles all the leftover odds and ends into raggedy little grab-bag skirts.

John Flemming

4.15.2010 @ 5:42 pm UTC by lilah wild

John Flemming leather maskLeather masks dyed and sculpted to give the wearer the featherlike face of a fantasy novel cover. Sold in open editions, or highly ornate limited editions of ten, the masks burst with color and movement, rising up to cover the head in riotous spikes, or dropping down to frame the mouth with a double row of tentacles. They’re made to be mounted on a wall or shelf display, so it’s probably best to let the artist know if you intend to make them part of your wardrobe. Custom welcome.

Enchanted Costumes

3.30.2010 @ 5:19 pm UTC by lilah wild

Enchanted Costumes medieval gownThe more otherworldly and fantastical side of historical dress, where that medieval gown can come with a side of fairy wings, if you desire. Both sweet little kids’ petal skirts and commanding drop-sleeve dresses that accessorize well with swords can be made to your specifications, and this is also a good place for extra-long elf ears and the cuffs to spiff them up with. It’s also amusing to note that proper fairy makeup consists of not just glitter, but modeling wax and spirit gum to hold everything on. Custom welcome.

Reveries of Solace Fantasy Couture

3.16.2010 @ 5:39 pm UTC by lilah wild

Fantasy Couture autumn wedding gownHigh fashion for a variety of winged fantasy species: tattered tutus with matching wings, patchworked dolly dresses, wedding gowns in autumn colors, swirly ghostly capes, poofy pink prom froof, teeny little mermaid outfits for the mini-fae. No shopping cart as this is a portfolio site, but custom requests presented with an open mind are welcome.

Very Merry Seamstress

2.16.2010 @ 5:07 pm UTC by lilah wild

Very Merry Seamstress pirate frock coatA gigantic catalog of handmade historical clothing and beyond for men and women, from Marie Antoinette ensembles to anime costumes. Full of gowns browsable by era, kids’ outfits, and things for pirates and brides, as well as harder-to-find key dressup bits: Elizabethan partlets, maternity bodices, a page of “underskirt devices,” elaborate neck ruffs, bodice jewels, wedding circlets, all the period-appropriate hats, velvet jester hose that offer the option of coordinating codpieces if that’s the kind of guy you are. Custom is extremely welcome.

On Gossamer Wings

2.1.2010 @ 11:58 pm UTC by lilah wild

On Gossamer Wings gothic bat wingsFairy wings for kids and like-minded grownups. Butterfly, ladybug, angel, fiery, swirly, stripey – exquisite work whether capturing the trailing petals of a flower pixie or the webbiness of a bat’s wing. Custom is welcome to the point of a whole page devoted just to bridal designs.

Finders Creepers

1.11.2010 @ 1:02 pm UTC by lilah wild

Finders Creepers Eric PigorsA Des Moines art gallery specializing in the dark and morbid. Shameless pulp, unsettling black and white photography, surrealistic cartooning, the styles are diverse with a welcoming vibe towards outsider artists. Besides signed prints, they also showcase other horrific wares: monster masks, horror movie tees and toys, scream-filled pop art pendants, body jewelry that leans towards the demonic, evil dolls, and if you’re in the area, the in-person items include such delights as a “vintage case full of dead stuff.”