Romantic Threads

6.30.2010 @ 9:38 pm UTC by lilah wild

Romantic Threads fantasy gownsGowns, gowns, gowns, wild custom fantasy confections for throwing teaparties, getting married, smacking courtiers, wandering enchanted woods, or other moments that demand voluminous skirts – they also stock Nataya for more subdued special occasions. Also plus sizes, men’s fancy dress, and ornate ren-faire/bridal-party things for kids. A good place to find medieval circlet-necklace-belt sets to drape the body in chains of pearls.

Elvy Ess

6.24.2010 @ 4:43 pm UTC by lilah wild

Elvy Ess punk patchwork jacketAn intriguing smash of rockabilly against playa, embracing both the clean lines of workshirts and the tatters of patchwork, sprinkled liberally with insects. Buttondowns are made for men and women and sport anarchic splats of fabric on the back, while the skirts flaunted winged creatures on peekaboo pleats or swoop into fae asymmetricality. Bugged-out bibs and bags and brooches, ragged cuffs and headbands and ties, and double-pronged keys provide plenty of unusual accessorization. Thanks, Sara!

Sydney’s Closet

5.21.2010 @ 3:42 pm UTC by lilah wild

Formalwear in plus sizes, for prom and cocktail parties and weddings and whatever other occasions demand unrestrained plumage. Ruched skirts, draped ruffles, bootcut hems, mermaid silhouettes, bellsleeves, starlet straplessness, swingy knee-length dresses, lots of things that can be turned goth or retro with compatible accessorization. They’ve also got crinoline slips for volumizing, all kinds of metallic evening bags and sandals, and there’s a section for fancy maternity dress.

Garden Party Teas

4.19.2010 @ 6:13 pm UTC by lilah wild

Garden Party Teas Sophie teapotThis site provides everything needed for a proper teaparty, in porcelain drinkware and all the staple Victorian accessories to set the right atmosphere: fans, floppy hats, gloves, and flowered parasols, much of it sized for little ones. There’s also obvious relish in setting the perfect table through the extensive selection of teapots, cozies, dessert plates, and other rose-festooned bits of shabby chic, making sure you have all the proper ritual elements right down to the gold-plated sugar tongs.


4.9.2010 @ 2:29 pm UTC by lilah wild

Yes Style rose print leggingsThis site gathers together a bunch of brands and designers across Asia and presents an enormous catalog – 293 pages of dresses, at this writing – with worldwide shipping. It’s the standard casuals-and-partywear stuff of the trendy modern wardrobe, but a patient perusal reveals the distinctive splashes of lolita style shining through in flowery leggings, tiered miniskirts, ruffled bloomer shorts, satin-bowed blouses, double-breasted coats, lacy capelets, and general pastel sweetness. There are also sections for swimwear and intimates, plus sizes, maternity, and accessories.

Enchanted Costumes

3.30.2010 @ 5:19 pm UTC by lilah wild

Enchanted Costumes medieval gownThe more otherworldly and fantastical side of historical dress, where that medieval gown can come with a side of fairy wings, if you desire. Both sweet little kids’ petal skirts and commanding drop-sleeve dresses that accessorize well with swords can be made to your specifications, and this is also a good place for extra-long elf ears and the cuffs to spiff them up with. It’s also amusing to note that proper fairy makeup consists of not just glitter, but modeling wax and spirit gum to hold everything on. Custom welcome.

3.26.2010 @ 3:12 pm UTC by lilah wild

Sativa Bags hemp handbagsA catalog that takes the trendy, hardware-loaded shoulder bags of mainstream fashion and does them over in hemp. The shiny
O-rings, the cargo pockets, the buckle-over-zip fastenings – all present, as well as cute satchels and laptop bags. Also hoodies and tees, baby clothes, and bath and body goods that bring hemp into the realm of spa pampering.