July 7, 2017 Sharon

Choosing the right toys for your canine friend

Puppies and grown up pooches both require toys, lots of them. These are needed not merely during their playtime. There are also a lot of benefits to getting the right toys for your dog. Toys for dogs are of different types. There are toys specially designed based on the dog’s age.

Choose the right type of toy:

There are several types of toys. Self-feeding toys are ones you should definitely consider. These come in handy especially during their training phase and when they are left alone. One common type of self-feeding toy comes as a ball with a tiny hole or a spiral ball where treats could be stuffed. Your pet would have to work his way to figure out and pull the treat out of it.

Sound toys are the other most popular ones. But when you buy these, look for those that come with dangling bells. Your dog might be easily able to snap the bell off the cord and it might orive a choking hazard.

Choose the right material:

When it comes to choosing a material for the dog toys one thing to look for is the durability of the material. One that easily wears off might easily be torn off by your pet. Another factor to consider is the safety of the material. Only buy quality products that are made of pet-safe materials. This would ensure that even if your pooch chews off bits of the toy it would not harm him.

Choose those that are easy to clean:

It is essential to clean your dog’s toys regularly. This would ensure that your dog doesn’t get any infections. This would be particularly essential if your dog has recently had a tick or flea infection.

Buy age appropriate toys to keep your dog engaged. Chew toys are something that dogs of all age group would definitely need.