January 15, 2018 Sharon


Buying t-shirts that are custom made can be a daunting task, as there is no way to guess how it will finally look. This is even more so if you have to place this order in bulk, whether it is your team jersey or even if it is for a bachelorette party.

The worst is if they do not turn out the way you expected they would, since the printing company will not even take these back. It is best to trust a renowned brand like Teesnow, to avoid mishaps from the manufacturer’s end.

To avoid such mishaps, it is best to follow some simple guiding rules that should allow you place more appropriate order for customized t-shirts.

Choose the product that is occasion and season appropriate: If your bachelorette is in the winter’s, buying a simple cotton t-shirt is a bad idea. Always make sure the material of the T-shirt you choose is corresponding to the weather conditions. Also, the occasion for what the customized t-shirt is needed is crucial, or perhaps the crowd where you plan to wear the tee.

Always check the sizes: Different manufacturing companies have different size measurements. What is an ‘M’ for one company may be an ‘L’ for another. Always check the exact measurements of the T-shirt standards and the size of the people wearing it and choose accordingly.

Screen Printing or Digital Printing: Screen printing is more cost effective but requires a minimum of around 6 t-shirts to be customized for printing. Whereas digital prints will get you even one t-shirt customized but the price will be higher. So, if you have a bulk order, screen prints are a better choice.

Choose the design

This is the most crucial part of the job. Most T-shirt manufacturing companies that deal with customized t-shirts have their own set of templates that can be customized to suit your needs. In case, if you have a design of your own, you can get that printed too. There is also an option of making a mix of ideas as well.