January 17, 2019 Sharon

How to Buy a Quality Supplement: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Vitamins

It may not be easy for many to be able to buy the best quality supplements. This is because with so many options available and each brand promising to be better than the other the consumer has no choice but to get confused.

Here is what you can do to choose the best quality vitamin supplements.

Calcium and iron

Some nutrients need to be taken separately. In this case, these vitamins interfere with the absorption of the other. Calcium and iron are two from the category that should not be taken together. So when choosing a vitamin supplement, make sure that you pick the one that contains only one of these.

Fillers and additives

The vitamin should not contain any filler or synthetic colors or ingredients. These fillers are added to extend the life of the vitamin but these are dangerous for your health. It is best to stick to products that are clean and safe and made using natural products.

Identify the ingredients

You should be able to recognize the ingredients on the label, if not then look for some other brand. The high-quality ones will list out the ingredients so that the consumer is able to recognize them. Some companies also put down the source.


The multivitamin that you choose should contain vitamin E complex. This means that you are taking a complex and not just vitamin E. A mixed product will have all the types like alpha, gamma, and beta delta.


Activated nutrients

Some of the vitamins available in the market have nutrients that have been converted into the active form. If you consume the active nutrient form then you are bypassing a step that your body would have to do to let the nutrient to do the job. The nutrients in the activated compléments alimentaires form also get absorbed better.