January 16, 2018 Sharon

How to buy a sex toy

Most men and women feel tongue tied when the words sex or sex toys are mentioned in public. Even in today’s modern world, there are inhibitions that pull back people from experimenting and buying sex toys. It is not uncommon to see people, blushing and giggling and try to avoid this topic. Of course, everyone is curious, and if they were promised anonymity, everyone would try these toys.

Before you buy anything, first discuss with your partner. Ultimately the two of you are going to use the toy so it is a good idea to speak about the desires and fantasies and the kind of toy you intend to buy. There are many online stores and guidance websites where you can search and find the most appropriate device that you need. Learn as much as you can about the materials used, prices, method of use, safety precautions and any accompanying tool that you may need.

The sex toy shops, look like fashion stores with so many colourful gadgets that it may become difficult for you to choose the right toy. So relax and patiently understand every tool and its use. Do not pick up the first one and run out of the shop. There are many toys that are gender neutral and some are specifically meant for women or men. So do not be embarrassed to pick and ask the assistant if you do not know something. These assistants are trained and can explain everything easily.

Butt plugs are very common and come in many sizes. Love plugs and other devices must be bought in the smallest size initially. You can start using them gently and then gradually go on to the larger version if you are comfortable with any device. When you use a sex toy, you become comfortable with your body and each other. Remember that human body is a beautiful creation and pleasure is a normal and natural phenomenon. When you want to buy a tool to enhance the level of this pleasure do not be embarrassed. Go with confidence and try a new technique or new tool that you have never used before.