January 20, 2019 Sharon

How to Buy Something Online Without a Credit Card: 7 Steps

We do shopping to buy the necessary items for household and also we purchase electronic goods, cosmetics, dresses, fashion accessories etc.  But shopping the necessary things may require a lot of time and energy to be spent on direct shopping.  Due to the increased use of technology and smartphones, there are many online shopping platforms which make shopping as an easy and convenient experience for us.

Online shopping platforms have reduced the visit of shopping from one store to the store to find out the best items as well as it also reduced the shopping time considerably when compared to direct shopping.  The NIDM offers ideas and suggestions regarding the best products and brand which help the people to identify the right product for themselves.  You can do online shopping, through various payment options.   If you want to avoid the credit card usage in online shopping, the following are the few steps to make purchases without using a credit card;

  1. Choose the product from the online shopping platform which you want to purchase.
  2. Compare it with other leading online platforms for the price and product feature comparison.
  3. Check out the reviews of the customers who have already purchased it.
  4. Choose the online platform where you are going to purchase the product.
  5. Click the payment option and it may ask you to click on the payment mode using net banking or credit card payment or debit card payment or any other mode.
  6. Choose any of the payment option other than credit card.
  7. Select the appropriate one and process your transactions.

Using Debit cards, mobile wallet, Net banking, and smart money are the few options available to avoid your credit card payment.  You should have enough cash in your bank account and the mobile wallet or in the smart money account while shopping and this may help you to be more cautious about your payment and expenses.