November 20, 2017 Sharon

How to Save Money While Purchasing a Pet Water Fountain

If you own a pet, then you might’ve heard about a pet water fountain. This magical piece of machinery will automatically filter the water that your pet drinks so that it is clean for your pet to drink. If you are lazy about replacing your pet’s water bowl every day, then getting a water fountain would be great because your pet will no longer have to drink stale water because of your laziness and fresh water will always be available for your pet at any time of the day.

However, it may be hard to find the right pet water fountain because there are just too many available at different price points. If you don’t set a budget for yourself, you will most likely spend more than you would need to because as the budget increases, the features and quality of the water fountain increases as well. Yes, the more you spend, the better the fountain will be, but if you are looking for a fountain that meets your needs, you won’t have to spend that much.

Before you go on to the tips below, note to yourself what you are looking for and what your pet needs, so that once you find a product that fits your needs at the right price, you can stop at the product and not keep increasing the budget to find products that have even more features as that is simply just overspending.

Tips to Save Money

Our first tip to save money when purchasing is to not look at premium models at all. By looking at them, you will fall into the marketing trap of all the features that come with the products. After looking at these products, you won’t be able to look at the lower-end models that would fit your pet just perfectly because you have already looked at the premium models and have seen what they offer.

Our second tip is to realize that you are purchasing this fountain for your pet and not for you. There is no need to purchase a nice fountain when you can purchase an okay one and have your pet be satisfied. If you try and save money and purchase an average car, why should your pet be able to buy a spanking new sports car-like fountain?

Next, we recommend that you not only look at Amazon, but also at other sites as well. We also recommend that you try retailers as they may carry deals that cannot be seen online. Specialty sites or official company sites may be able to offer the products for cheaper than Amazon, so don’t think that Amazon is the only site you can purchase from for your pet water fountain.

Lastly, there are some features that you should avoid, not because they’re bad, but because you don’t need it and it will only increase the price of the fountain. These features include the multiple area drinking and the heating system. We recommend that you don’t get a fountain that has multiple drinking areas unless you have multiple cats because it increases the size of the fountain which generally makes it more expensive. The heating feature may also come with some products and this is also not needed because pets don’t need heated water to have fresh water.



We all want the best for our pets, but when it comes to saving money and staying on a budget, we can’t always get the best. However, there are still average priced products that have great quality that are waiting to get picked up by you, so research around and use our tips above to find some great deals and save money on your next pet water fountain.