November 23, 2017 Sharon

Is It Possible To Raise A Child Without Technology?

Raising a child is not an easy task. Today, many parents are gravitating towards technology to help them raise their kids. There are a lot of content created online for kids. Though it is meant to educate them, is it really helping them? Studies show it is causing more harm to the children as their minds cannot process information at the speed shown on TVs or the videos.

Gadget Free Childhood

So, is it possible to raise a child without these gadgets? How will a child in today’s technologically dependent world, survive without their daily dose of YouTube videos and games on smart phones?

Here are some ways in which you can raise your child absolutely gadget free:

Assembling Toys

Buy your child toys that require assembling. This includes building blocks, assembling vehicles, etc. This will improve their focus and concentration. Also, the small parts like the screws, require fine motor skills. Hence there is development of the fingers too.


Books are the biggest source of information for anyone. Buy educational books, story books and books that have age appropriate content. One can learn good manners and the Alphabet by reading them from books, rather than the iPad.

There are many books with creative stories, colorful pictures and innovative ways of conveying information to the children. Smaller children will benefit immensely from the touch and feel books.


These are a great way to challenge the brain. Buy age appropriate puzzles and ensure you are around to help your child; else they may lose interest in solving it. Puzzles not only work the brain, but also improves concentration and keeps the children occupied for a good stretch of time.

There are many options for parents to buy. Go here for honest buying guides for parents and you can buy the appropriate items for your child. When you know what works and doesn’t for children around your child’s age group, it makes buying decision easier.