January 19, 2019 Sharon

No More Toys: Here’s How To Request Alternative Gifts For Your Kids

It can be a great struggle to decide what to gift a child and thus toys from https://doodlebuckets.com become the default gifting idea. Toys seem to be an easy choice and the excitement that a child shows when opening up a toy makes it even more in demand.

However, if you wish that your relatives and friends do not gift toys to your children this year then here is how you can put it forward.

Explain to them

When you invite your family or friends to any event, be it a Christmas dinner or for your child’s birthday, start to kindly explain to them that your kids have a number of toys and thus you would like if your invitees do not gift toys this year. Explain to them that you got the ma bundle of toys and thus it seems that your child is valuing the toys less. Also, explain to your friends how a number of toys makes the childless appreciative of what they have and they start to lose focus. You could put it gently that you want your child to learn moral values now as he is grown up and thus you decide to limit the toys that he plays with. You want that the invitees do not gift any sort of a toy to your child.

Theme gifts

You could set a theme and ask your invitees to gift as per that. So the theme could be booked and you could request your invitees to gift only books to your kid. You could also choose to ask your invites to gift the STEM toys because it is learning.

It is all about explaining to the invitees why toys are not a great gifting idea to your kids. Tell them politely how a child uses the toy for a day or two and then it is dumped somewhere. Instead of wasting money on them one could consider buying some books or learning kits.