October 5, 2017 Sharon

Plus Size Is Also A Size

So what if you are on the heavier side? Who said you need to just stay home or do things within four walls? 

Gone are the days when people paid attention to all these body shamming remarks that made plus size people insecure and bad about themselves. The size zero is no longer the attractive size and modeling companies that promote size zero are fined for promoting such an unhealthy lifestyle. 

If you are a little heavy, it is ok. One can always workout and reduce weight to a healthier limit. Being healthy is more important than being thin. One can be the perfect weight and size as per the modeling industry, but he/ she may not be able to do many things that require physical exertion or strength.  

On the other hand, a person considered to be fat by many people could be the fastest runner or swimmer in the entire team. Size has very little impact on your exercise. This being said, there is no harm in trying to reduce a few of those extra pounds to fit into the ideal BMI. 

Yoga For All 

Whether you are thin or fat, one can always do yoga. If a person is on the heavier side and is trying to reduce weight, yoga could be the best option as running or the gym may put too much strain on their joints.  

Even people who are on the heavier side require the proper attire to do yoga or any other form of exercise in. search for the best yoga pants for plus size and you are bound to find a number of attractive  choices. Today the world has come to accept people of all shapes and sizes; hence they are being catered to too.  

You can work out and lose those extra pounds in stylish and comfortable attire, just like everybody else.