December 14, 2017 Sharon


Shopping for women is usually associated with jewelry, accessories, fashion clothing, shoes but watches have not often found their place on the list.

Watches have almost always been the domain of a man. An untold sense of supremacy they feel each time they strap on something luxurious and powerful. Is something that women have usually not connected with.

This trend is however changing, with more and more women becoming equal counterparts in all walks of life. The love for designer luxury watches could not have been far left behind. Though in the past, most luxury brands for watches marketed maximum selections for women, this is now changing. It is about time, now the watch companies are also taking women seriously.

The norms are changing: Earlier when it came to luxury women have an array of avenues where they can spend their money and watches didn’t usually make the cut as opposed to spending as much on jewlery.

For men, luxury has almost always been synonymous with watches. Now, women are also becoming more and more open to spending huge sum sof money on watches instead of buying just yet another necklace.

The cyclic effect is changing

Earlier, it was a cyclic effect, since women were not too keen on buying luxury watches, the manufacturers designed very few of options for women. And since there were limited options to choose from, women would often not like any of those.

Now with the changing trends, this cyclic effect is changing, with more and more designer brands coming up with newer designs that look great. More women are liking the looks of them.

The watch has become a great ice-breaker

Women have not been left behind in any arena. This is true even in the corporate world, when a women walks in wearing an amazing watch, it does not take long for men to notice it and it can connect them on this level too.

The used section has some great choices too

For women who would first like to test the waters of luxury watches, buying pre-owned watches is a good options. I got a used Cartier watch for women as my first luxury watch, and didn’t regret it at all!