August 11, 2017 Sharon

The Best Gear For Astronomy And Star Gazing – Binoculars Vs Telescopes

If observing the sky gives you great pleasure and planets and stars fascinate you, then it’s time to invest in a fantastic pair of binoculars that help your purpose. Contrary to popular belief, that only telescopes can help in sky-watching, there are several technically brilliant binoculars that give the same if not a better effect.

The advantages of a good pair of binoculars over a telescope are given in brief:

  • A telescope, whether big or small, is quite heavy and difficult to carry around when compared to a binocular. The latter has the ease of mobility and can be casually strung around the shoulders and carried around. Whereas, a telescope requires a tripod stand for image stability.
  • The telescope is a single lens equipment. The binocular has two lenses that act as an extension of the human eye. The image is direct and as perceived by the human eye, rather than the inverted image presented by a telescopic lens.And the visual experience given by a binocular is better than a telescope.
  • The telescope has a great magnification capacity, but the greater the magnification, the dimmer the subject of observation. This is not the case with a binocular. As a result, the focus and clarity obtained in a good pair of binoculars are better than the telescope.
  • The aperture and optical quality are usually insufficient in a regular astronomy telescope than a binocular. Unless you are technically sound and spot-on with the observation, using a telescope isn’t as much fun as a pair of binoculars.
  • Plus, the field of view in a telescope is limited when compared to the binocular. The latter presents a better chance to observe the cosmic patterns and star clusters.

We hope that we’ve convinced you enough about the merits of an astronomy binocular over a telescope. There are several good astronomy binoculars available online, check the specs and choose the best model that is suitable and convenient for your requirements.