October 10, 2017 Sharon

The Right Shredder for you!


We all use re-use or throw away documents that are of not in use anymore to us. But have you ever thought about the sensitive data is falling into the wrong hands? Sensitive data like your personal information, contact details, account numbers, passport number, your security ID number etc., might get misused.

So, how do you prevent them? Well, that’s where shredders are essential. You would have heard of it, but discarded thinking as not so important machine, but imagine the dangers that you might have to face, in case your papers get into wrong hands. Rather shredding them is the safest option that you have.

Choosing the right and best paper shredder is a pretty tough job given its various options. So, how do you choose one? Okay, here we tell you certain factors to consider before making the purchase, have a look and take a call.

Maximum load/pages taken:

This factor indicates the number of pages the machine can take at once. A home shredder might not take more than 5-6, while office shredder can handle up to 20, and a larger business profile can get one at 50 pages.

The type of data to shred:

Wondering what it means? Yes, certain shredders are designed to destroy the credit cards, CD’s, data-filled floppy disks, and other modes where sensitive data can be stored, apart from your regular paper.

Bin size:

This indicates the volume of shredding. The more numbers you do higher should be the bin size to take it all.


In certain offices (even big or small), there might be only one shredder available and in that case, a great shredder with wheels is the need. Wheels allow the movement of the device, without much strain. Shredder can be carried across to certain departments and kept at a central spot, so that everyone can access, rather than people moving around, waiting in lines to get them shredded.


For office purposes, this is very mandatory, to cover up the charges when there is damage within the earlier years, the cause of the constant use. For home use, you can opt depending upon your usage.