October 9, 2017 Sharon

Tips For MUT Money In Madden 18

It can be quite a daunting task to build your Madden ultimate team. Some of the tips that can be helpful for you to manage your Madden Ultimate Team 18 money are the following:

  • Try to deal with your MUT 18 as if it is your business which means try to look at different things and get it right on the auction house.You should strive for more coins than what can be spent.You cannot have credit in MUT18 so there is no point of purchasing more than what you are capable of.
  • While choosing your players, you need to go through the key stats such as throw power, throw accuracy and awareness.Also, for defensive tackle, you must check the stats like power moves, size, strength and tackle.
  • There is no need to have more than what is required in the item binder. With the minimum amount kept in the item binder, it will help in maximizing the cash flow. Do not keep holding some cards with the hope that someday you will get a good deal. Instead, it is better to sell the cards which are not being used at all. This will prevent you from having unnecessary cards in the binder and also you will have a good amount of money for spending and improving your team.
  • It is very important to set priorities which can be very useful for you to manage your MUT 18 budget.So better try to analyze where you should be spending big and where you should spend small. Try to figure out where you can find cheap MUT coins. Thus, bottom line is that you must keep your binder clutter free.
  • You can go for defensive players who are inexpensive but will be helpful for you to build a great team.